No-fault bookings and cancellations

It helps to have a few ground rules about making appointments, and cancelling them:  it helps us both to manage our expectations (!) and communicate effectively.  I know that your time is valuable!  This is why I have a “no-fault” policy in place for cancellations and bookings.

Those of you who have been dealing with me for years know that I dislike “rules and regulations” about cancellations and booking times that make YOU, the customer, feel restricted.  The last thing you need is one more demand on your resources… especially when the goal is serenity, fun and relaxation.

That’s why I can only remember, in eight years, ONE time when I charged a client a cancellation fee.  And that’s because THEY insisted (they had simply forgotten the appointment and didn’t turn up).

All the above may be the reason why ownership of a chinchilla bathrobe continues to elude me… but heck, I’d rather have happy clients.

How can I charge you for cancellation when an emergency has arisen in your life?  Or when you’re stuck in traffic?  Or…. ?

This no-fault policy is why I allow members to book at any time – advance or last-minute.  Honestly, how can I expect my clients to do (plan ahead) what I am often unable to do?  And when I make plans in advance, but then need to change – why would I penalize you for doing the same?

Yes, there is a catch:  this policy is in place for members.  To become a member of bodyworkToronto and take advantage of no-fault bookings and cancellations, as well as reduced fees and fun extras, give me a call:  416 802 6163.   All that’s required is to book a series of 5 or more sessions.

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