Introducing my Calendar page

Dear friends,


You can » view my calendar online (this is for information only – to book a time, you still have to contact me).

Evening appointments (from 7PM) require advance notice – by 4PM same day at the  latest.

Now the fancy version:

Many of you call me with this question burbling from your lips:

“Are you … umm … er… available… like…

RIGHT NOW????!!!!

This is the point at which muggins – that’s my term of endearment for “me” – lies down for the umpteenth time with a cold towel pressed to his forehead.

What does “now” mean?  How should I answer this question?  It’s enough to give a boy a completely asynchronous headache.

“Yes, I’m available now – But by the time you get here from Mississauga, I won’t be!”

No.  Too snarky.

To solve both your dilemma (one of ignorance) and mine (one of smart-alecky-ness), I now share my calendar with you, clients both current and prospective.

A couple of tips:  I think the view labelled “Agenda” is the best way to view – click on the tab of that name at the top of the calendar.

If you click on the actual times indicated on the calendar, you will see more detail, including a description if I’ve decided it’s relevant.

But please remember :  you can’t book appointments through the calendar – it’s for reference only.  To book, call, text or email as usual.

You will notice something new.  I’ve decided that evening appointments will require – try to stay calm – a little forethought from you.  Please call me by 4PM if you’d like to see me in the evening.   

» Visit my calendar page.

I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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