Hot Stones?!

stonesAs counter-intuitive as it seems, many clients have been requesting my hot stone treatment as part of their bodywork session.   You might be justified in wondering who would want hot basalt stones placed on their body when the temperature is pushing 90°F.

(I hasten to add that it’s not 90°F in my air-conditioned space, but nonetheless…)

I have a less mystical view of bodywork than do some therapists.  I tend to be of a scientific bias in my life and work (prove it to me, Virginia!).  I question concepts of chi, mysterious “energies” and non-existent “channels”…

But I’m also an artist, and as such, I think metaphorically, extending the reach of ideas through correspondence and resonance.

Stones, of the earth, yang (compressed) vast in timescale, can represent our desire for solidity, consistency, grounding and permanence, both physically and emotionally.

On a practical level, the weight of stones is like a comforting hand, bringing the warmth of life to us.  It’s as though my hand remains on you.  The stones retain their warmth, and seem to reach down into the core of our body.  The warmth begins to come from inside.

I use the stones in two ways:  placing them on the body at strategic points; and as tools for massaging muscles; both the flat side and the thinner edge.

Try this wonderful addition to your bodywork session.  Until October 31st, 2013, I’m offering Hot Stones for only $20 extra (usual charge:  $30).  Please give at least 2 hours’ notice to allow for set-up).

Book your session:  416 802 6163 (cell / text).

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