Sticker Shock Program

Please note:  All offers on this site, including the Sticker Shock Program, are made as a special service to my clientele.  I am not obliged to honor offers that have expired or that contain errors.  I reserve the right to refuse an offer without explanation, and to change or revoke offers at any time.  Ouch! That’s harsh!

September 2013.

Dear valued clients,

You may have noticed that I have raised my prices (although, after much resistance on my part, I now offer a one-hour appointment).

I haven’t raised my prices in seven years, and I held off as long as possible.  However, rising costs mean that I can no longer keep prices at their 2005 levels (!).

Now, you all know that I’m not huge on inflexible rules and regulations, and I want to be someone who helps you enjoy life – not someone who adds to its burdens.  So I thought for a long time about how I could spare you the pain… and here’s what I came up with:

The Sticker Shock Program

The idea of the program is simple:  I do not raise fees for current clients.  You are already a current client if you have had at least ONE appointment with me prior to October 1st, 2013.

To maintain or establish your current client status and rates:

1.  Book an appointment with me before October 31st, 2013.
2.  At each appointment, we will “pencil in” your next appointment (subject to my flexible and reasonable cancellation / rebooking policy).
3.  Continue to book in this manner as long as you wish to maintain your current status (or until the end of time as we know it, depending on your stamina).
4. If you go longer than three to four months without booking or contacting me, you will become a “new” client and my new fees will apply.  Ouch!  that’s harsh!

If any of these requirements causes hardship, please let me know and we’ll have the discussion. Because all rules are made to be broken.  Even this one…

Best wishes


Contact me:

cell:  416 802 6163

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