Speaking of flower photography… and my first solo exhibit…

Friends, I have launched a fundraising campaign in the form of a crowdfunding pitch on Indiegogo.  The purpose of the campaign is to cover the costs of printing, framing and mounting my artwork in preparation for an exhibit.

I know.  You thought I was merely one of the sexiest, most gifted and original, most downright daddiest bodyworkers in Toronto. (Excuse my coy smile.)  Well, it just so happens I’ve got more than one string to my jockstrap:


My flower photography smashes the usual “tasteful” tropes of the genre to achieve big scale and shimmering energy; it’s “…the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”  made manifest.  

And I’m fortunate to have been given a chance to show it off.  My FIRST SOLO EXHIBIT of frenetic florals opens at Akasha Art Projects, 511 Church St, Toronto, the evening of February 20th, and runs through March 15th.    And you, dear reader, can be part of the excitement for as little as $5 – or even nothing if you play your cards right – while achieving the art philanthropist status you crave.

Be assured that, however you choose to help, I will be indebted to  you.



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