Back in Toronto and back to work!

Army-bootsIt’s easy to get home again :  just click your army surplus boots three times against the head of anyone who’s annoying you – then board VIA Rail!  Preferably at Annoying One’s expense.

I’m home again, home again, jiggity jig, and open for business the way only yours truly can be.  Whether it’s traditional shiatsu, tastefully dressed and served on a bed of tatami, or out and out erotic touch to awaken your sleeping … senses… it’s all on the menu.

Hot stones, hot stones.  Did I mention hot stones?  It’s the time of year when getting your rocks on makes sense.  Lie back and let the heated basalt stones penetrate – and how I love that word! – deep down inside and banish those nasty old winter blahs.

As I’ve said time and time again, hot stones are nothing less than – all together now – utter utter blissikins !

Shiatsu:  one hour  80

Male touch / full body deep tissue:  90 minutes 110 / 2 hours 140

Hot Stones:  add 20 (January only).

416 802 6163

TEXT enquiries answered first
new clients :  call same day.


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