Special Snow Pricing in effect today – Weds, February 5th

Do you have an appointment with me today, or were you thinking of one?   Please enjoy a $10 discount for coming out in this snowy weather.  Or take this opportunity to enjoy my easy-going, no-fault rescheduling policy.  

Allan Gardens:  Children's Conservatory, Carlton and Sherbourne, Toronto.  Photo © 2014 by David Roddis.  Please use attribution.
Allan Gardens: Children’s Conservatory, Carlton and Sherbourne, Toronto. Photo © 2014 by David Roddis. Please use attribution.

I figure, you have enough stress in your life without me making you responsible for the weather as well.  (I mean, I do have my limits, specifically:  please let me know if you’re not going to turn up!)

But promise me one thing:  That you’ll see the beauty and the terror in a snowstorm.  That you’ll remember when you were a child, before THEY started to work on you, before THEY made everything about DRIVING and EFFICIENCY and BEING ON TIME.

Promise me that, just today, you won’t think, “What crappy driving weather…”.  Promise me you’ll go out and feel the snowflakes on your cheeks or take your children snowboarding or teach them snow angels, and then run back home for tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich…  see the snow building up on the pine boughs, and blowing in gusts; experience the beauty and indifference of nature.

Because, if all we can think is, What crappy driving weather, if we’ve lost the appreciation for the terrible beauty of our frail planet, lost our joy in the natural world then – what have they done to us? 

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