World Pride has begun.   

Why “pride”?  Why should I be proud of my sexuality:  are str8 guys “proud” of being str8?

They don’t have to be.


worldprideWhen you’ve been insulted, assaulted, demeaned, discounted and made invisible for most of your life, the only possible  response is to say:

You will not take my life from me –
You will not make me nothing –
For every insult you hurl at me
I will respond with
even more pride,
For every action you take
to crush my spirit,
I will rise up even higher,
Together with my
sisters and brothers, I will shout out:
I’m here – I’m queer –
And I’m not going away….!

(PS:  #RobFord – where are you?  Your dinner’s getting cold….)

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