World Pride -1: Have you flexed your feel-good today?

How are you flexing your feel-good today?

Hydrate:  especially if you’re partying.  WATER is water.  Coffee, tea, sports drinks and alcohol are NOT water.

Have some down-time:  Crowds and confusion are fun.  Until they’re not.  Schedule some quiet time by yourself, to recharge.  All you need is 30 minutes – an hour.  Just do it!

Eat food:  Fast food isn’t food.  And it’s HOT!  So eat appropriately.
Eat:  cooling salads, refreshing fruits, light proteins.  Eat: small quantities – don’t overload!
Don’t eat really late if you can help it, or just before – SLEEPING.

Sleep:  Am I serious?  Yes.  You can DIE from lack of sleep.  I don’t think it’ll happen in two days, but please:  Have one good night of sleep this weekend.

Basic?  Yes.  Are you doing them?  ;-))

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, come for full-body massage and let me take care of the stress.  It’s only natural.

Special deals for PRIDE:  10% off the cost of 90- or 120-minute appointments.  Call anytime.  416 802 6163.

All photos © 2014, David Roddis.  If you are a performer in the shots:  please contact me.  I would be delighted to release the images to you.

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