New York, here I come (yes, again)! – updated

Lively conversations in Washington Square
Lively conversations in Washington Square

I’ll be traveling to NYC next Weds 6 August incognito, of course, to save me from any gangs of crazed fans shredding my clothing.  And why do you think I’m virtually bald?  Exactly!

I’ll be staying in discreet yet desperately so-unfashionable-it’s-fashionable Gramercy Park, with my dear friend  “X” – who swears he’ll leave his rent-controlled Aladdin’s cave feet-first and only feet-first – and his adorable yet intractable little prima donna of a bitch, Flora. (Prima dogga?)

I’ll be fitting in some bodywork appointments between cultural and other types of sin-tertainment.  If I get enough interest in advance, I may even be able to do in-calls.

So if you are looking for an appointment, send me your preferred dates and times :

You may also text me at:  1 416 802 6163

Once I know how many of you want to have appointments, I’ll update this site with my plans.

By the way, that email link above is not live.  Just highlight and copy it, then stick it in your omnibox – you’ll be just fine.


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