I’m back in Toronto! and ready to see you…

Lest there be any doubt – I am back in Toronto and ready to help you unwind and re-charge.

New York City – what can I say?  I always come back vaguely dissatisfied and wanting more more more!  It’s like a shot of adrenaline with a chaser of speed.  Toronto? More like a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee – a little too milky, weaker than you’d like, served with a growl –  but very well-meaning and – almost good for you!

Getting back to massage, here’s a 

Frequently asked question:

Q.  “Do you use a massage table?”

A:   No. Although I did train in Swedish massage using a table, I then went on to study zen shiatsu in London, England and Toronto.

The Asian tradition treats the receiver on the floor, using a futon or mat. In this way,
the therapist is intimately connected with the receiver. 

Also, the techniques of shiatsu, which involve using the weight of the body to apply
pressure, are not compatible with a table massage.

If you have never experienced this kind of treatment model, you will be surprised how
effective, natural and comforting it is.

Although skilled therapists can use an table and give excellent treatment, I must say that many masseurs who use a table tend to work a bit more impersonally – rather like they are working on an object rather than a person.  That is also a failure of the training model, which itself comes from fear of the body... but don’t get me started…

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