SPECIAL: It’s time to get your rocks on – again!


Snow.  It’s here…. 

But I have a secret weapon to see you blissfully through the next few months:  hot stone massage.

Toronto, sitting as it does in the basin of an ancient lake, is prone to intense humidity in the summer and intense damp-cold in the winter.  It’s the kind of chill that digs right into your bones.

But once I apply these heated basalt stones to key areas of your body, you will start to feel warm right to the core again.  The hot stones are also used to massage the kinks out of your tired muscles, leaving you glowing.

So don’t put up with winter’s nonsense.  Book a stand-alone hot stone massage, or a hot-stone add-on to your regular session, and feel the warmth!

Hot stone massage:

Stand-alone one hour session:   100
Add to your regular session:         30

Check my availability:  my calendar


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