Here’s a quiz for a snowy day AND for a FREE Hot Stones add-on

I say, “Winter wonderland”; you say “Just shoot me now”.

Potay-to, potah-to. 

Who forgot to bring in their balcony furniture? Hmmm?

Now, listen up, campers.  Here’s a little quiz as a snowy-day activity.

“What’s in it for ME?” I hear you cry, as you slump face-first onto your flannel sheets.  Well, if you’ve been pre-contemplating a Hot Stones addition to your bodywork session, this may be your lucky day.

Get the answer to these two questions right, and Daddy’s going to be Very Good to You.

At stake:  A FREE Hot Stones add-on* to any 90-minute bodywork session that you book, pay for and attend between now and Friday, December 19th.

Question 1:  
What type of stones do I use for this feature (hint:  starts with “b”).  Answer is somewhere on this page.

Question 2:
Is this type of stone metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary?

Text your answer to me at 416 802 6163 like this:

“Quiz answers.  1. (answer)   2. (answer)
(Your name)”

I only have FIVE of these to give away, and it’s first come, first served.  So wipe those hot chocolate stains off your lips, Virginia, and get texting.

* Small print:
You need to be of legal age and a resident of Toronto, or GTA;
The add-on is awarded solely at my discretion, 
and my decisions in this regard are final.
This is not a contest, just a suggested activity.  OK?

I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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