Normal programming has now resumed – text away!

Hi guys, My phone is up again.  You can now text and call me with impunity.  If you have no impunity, text or call anyway.

Here’s a summary of how to reach me, in order of preference:

1. TEXT to 416 802 6163 – immediate and efficient, this is my preferred mode of contact – and always for same day.
2.  Phone call – next preference for same day – be aware I may not be able to answer.  Leave a clear message.
3. Email
This rarely works for same day.  You should allow 24 hours for a response.

Some thoughts on texting.
Don’t write a novel, but use a template like this – feel free to copy:

Hi David, this is [your name].  Saw your ad on [   ] / Saw your website and would like to book an appointment for today
– Do you have time around [your preferred time]  
– Are you free at [the exact time you want]

Here’s a tip.  If you MUST have a particular time, please say so.  Don’t say – “I’d like to see you sometime this afternoon.”  Because I’ll reply:  “Sure.  How about 4 or 5 pm.”  If you then respond, “Oh, sorry.  I was hoping for 2.” – well, we’re already in confusion.

You wouldn’t believe how many times this happens, and it’s frustrating for both parties.   I WANT you to have your preferred time, so don’t be shy about telling me.
I have no problem with a last-minute request.  If I can’t accommodate, I’ll say so.

I want to ensure that our time together, from the moment you first contact me, is well utilized, mutually beneficial and blissfully free of tension.

Have a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you soon!

– David

I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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