See you in sunny Sacramento…

{This post relates to an already-completed trip to the U.S. and is retained for your interest only.}


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OK in about four hours – 5:30 AM – I start traveling:  bus to Buffalo, plane to Chicago, plane to Sacramento.  I arrive at my destination at 11.30 pm.  It’s going to be a long but engaging day.

I do not have a cell phone service in the US yet.  For the time being, please EMAIL me, or use the form at the very bottom of this post.


Please be patient and don’t expect an instant response.  But I will always get back to you. You can still contact me in the ways listed above throughout today (Wednesday), if you would like an appointment from the 19th up to and including the 23rd.  San Francisco will take some co-ordination, but still make your wishes known and I’ll keep them in mind when planning.

While we’re talking, did you know I have several different hats?  Below is a link to my blog for my eccentric and off-the-wall writing.  Enjoy. I think.

Sacramento sessions:

San Francisco guys take note:  I’ll be planning to make at least one trip into SF while I’m there.

Please note that all appointments will be OUTCALLS.  If this is difficult for you, consider getting together with a group of friends and sourcing an appropriate venue.  I will offer a discount for three or four appointments booked at the same venue on the same day.


I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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