What do you think of my new site redesign?

I changed templates and I think the new look is more spacious and contemporary looking.  More importantly, I have an “Essential Info” page, which I’ll normally place as the home page, and where you can find ALL the info you need, in one place.

Where’s the navigation, you ask?

Look up at the right corner and you’ll see three horizontal lines. That’s 2015 for “Find the navigation here”. You’ll soon get used to the handy, flyout menu.  And because it’s vertical, I’ve been able to separate important items into their own pages.  Important items like:

This weekend:  Priority, priority!  Book my Priority Client Plan and receive up to $20 off the already-discounted price.

For more information, view my latest post here.


TEXT to 416 802 6163  on the same day for a confirmed booking;  OR

EMAIL: one day or up to one month in advance for enquiries and pre-paid bookings (50% deposit required).


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