The Best of Times, The Worst of Times : Contacting me

What is the WORST way to contact me?  

Send an email, on the day, an hour before you’d like to see me.  Fails (almost – see below) every time.

What’s the best time to contact me?  How far ahead should you text /  email / call?

I’ve tried for many years to come up with a best-case-scenario.  The fact is, nothing works all the time, and most things have worked at least once.   I’ve had requests for “15 minutes from now” and I’ve been able to accommodate them; I’ve had appointments set two weeks in advance that we’ve had to rearrange.

Speaking very generally, for a same-day appointment, you will probably have more success if you:

  • give about 2 to 4 hours’ notice on the day  AND/OR
  • contact me the night before to ask about availability;
  • if at all possible, are flexible in your choice of time;
  • tell me right at the start if you have a particular time in mind.
  • DON’T USE EMAIL if you can possibly avoid it; if you can’t avoid it, email at start of day.

For booking in advance (24 hours or more):  Email is fine, as are texting and calling (but remember – no phone messages.  I don’t use voicemail.)

And, after having said all of the above – and I mean this quite sincerely – please feel free to be in touch ANYTIME.

I recognize that life is unpredictable and I would rather alleviate your stress than add to it!  Go ahead and text 20 minutes ahead of your desired time slot – it may work, it may not, but at least we’ll have established contact.

And that’s a good start.

I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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