Shyness of the Coy, Silence of the Lambs

Here is a conversation I’ve had on many, many occasions:

[It’s 2:15 in the afternoon. The phone rings.]

ME:  Hi, this is David.
New client:  Hi, do you have any times available this afternoon?
ME:  Yes, how about 4 PM?
NC:  Oh.  Sorry.  I was looking for 2:30.  Another time.  <click>

Now, tell me something.  Why doesn’t the client ask: “Hi, are you free for a 2.30 appointment?” right away?

I call this “coy client syndrome”.  Probably they’re embarrassed that they’re calling at the very last minute. But I don’t mind!   I’m either free, or I’m not.  Don’t be shy about stating your preferred time right at the start.

Or perhaps they’re just making a preliminary move, just testing the waters. One client told me that it took him a YEAR to work up the courage to call.  From both a marketing and a psychological angle, I understand, though I think it’s a shame to be deterred from calling by fear.

You’ve got one life.  My experience is that 99% of what I feared and worried about never happened.  The 1%?  I dealt with it.  The fear and the worry were a kind of hobby, a way of structuring my time.  There are better ways, one of which is living the life you want to live, and taking small steps towards that life.

This is important:  YOU are in charge of your session.  You, not me.  We’re not going anywhere in your session that you don’t want to go.  That’s how I keep the session time, and my space, safe.

Don’t let fear rule you.    

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