Time to Get Your Rocks On!

stones Come December and the cold damp, seeps into your bones as Toronto winter settles in for a visit.  Today was the first day I experienced that London, England-type chill that I just can’t seem to shake, no matter how many sweatshirts I pile on.

Although as a true Canadian I adore winter – don’t tell me about your driving problems, get with the poetry of snow on pine branches, take your kids tobogganing, break out the chunky sweaters and cocoa and stoke the fire – as I get older I find that the chill really gets me down.

Which is why, every year at this time, I reintroduce Hot Stone Massage.  Have you heard of this technique?

Smooth, basalt stones are heated in water until crazy hot.  They’re then placed strategically on the receiver’s body (not directly, of course! I use a towel to provide a barrier, and the stones are dipped in cool water until they are an acceptable temperature) until the heat gradually dissipates.  During that time, the heat from the stones permeates your body with blissful, deep heat.

I also use the stones to actually massage specific groups of aching muscles (which one client memorably described as “like being ironed”!) Well, why not get the wrinkles out?!

The water can also be scented with essential oil, to provide an aromatherapy experience as you banish the cold.

If this sounds appealing as winter settles in, text today to book a hot stone add-on to a regular session, or a complete hot-stone session for total bliss.

Special introductory pricing now until January 1st:

Hot stone add-on:  $20 ($10 off)

Hot stone stand-alone session: $110 ($10 off)

Hot Stone Massage must be booked at least 4 hours in advance.

Hot Stone Massage is seasonal: available until April 1st, 2018

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