A Holiday Season Gift for You!

Dear customers new and returning:

Doesn’t it seem like the holidays, supposedly filled with joy and goodwill, are actually a time of increased stress and anxiety?

What presents to buy, who to buy them for, am I overspending…?
Will we celebrate at home, who to invite, what to serve; or at someone else’s, and how do we turn down the two out of three invites that we can’t make?
So much extra traffic, crowded malls, so much noise and confusion, so many expectations…


You definitely need some private, personal “you time” so you can take a deep breath, relax, release your tension and get back to the tasks at hand with a new perspective and feeling refreshed.

And affordably.

That’s why I’m making my Hot Stone Massage add-on ABSOLUTELY FREE for the next two weeks – until December 31st, 2017.

For your bodywork session with added hot stone massage, you’ll benefit from a private space that I’ve arranged just for you, with no interruptions; a place you can escape to that’s still right downtown.

Best of all, in addition to enjoying my unique style of bodywork you’ll get, for the next two weeks, the luxurious, deliciously warming experience of a complimentary hot stone massage.

Heated basalt stones are used by placing them on key points of the body (passive placement) so that their heat penetrates deep; and also to massage your aching muscles where appropriate (active use).   You’ll finish your 60 – 90-minute session feeling relaxed, pampered and warm to the core.

The cost:  FREE until December 31st.

You’ll pay exactly the same fee as for bodywork alone: $100 at the session; $90 if you pre-pay at least 24 hours in advance.

To claim your complimentary Hot Stone Massage add-on, text me at 437 371 0584 and mention this offer.

If you need to email instead, please allow extra lead time for your request:


(Copy and paste the above email address to use – to cut down on spam, I haven’t linked it.)

See you soon!

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