You know where to find me… for package deals


I’ve been in the same location for 12 years.  All my clients know my physical address, my email address, my phone number…  All clients know that I’m honest,  transparent and reliable.

So I am sometimes mystified why more clients don’t take advantage of my package deals. The commitment is minimal, and the advantages are obvious.

Maybe you’ll be canny enough to do so — ?

The benefits of a package deal extend both ways:

  • YOU GET a locked-in price that is almost too good to believe, and the only time restrictions are the ones we agree upon — they’re tailor-made for your schedule and I’m flexible about adjusting them.
  • I GET the benefit of a regular clientele coming at reasonably predictable times, for which I gladly lower my rates – considerably.

I currently offer the following packages:

Book two appointments:  Save $20
Timeframe:  Take your appointments within two calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.

EXAMPLE:  Book two appointments (regular 100) and pay only 2 x 90 = $180

Book three appointments:  Save $75

Timeframe:  Take your appointments within three calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.

EXAMPLE:  Book three appointments (regular 100) and pay only 3 x 75 = $225

So, if saving up to $75 sounds good to you, check out package deals » here.

After all, you know where I live…


This Easter, put all your eggs in one basket!

I’m available and quick as a bunny to return your email or text if you’d like to book for Saturday, Sunday or Monday coming up.

100 bucks for a generous hour to ninety minutes of blissful relaxation, deep tissue work, erotic touch, shiatsu — whatever you fancy, in whatever combination.  You’re in charge.

Two ways to book: 

Call in advance, pay in advance, get a guaranteed time.  Useful if you’re hopping around.

If you’re booking in advance, why not consider a package?  Two sessions saves you $20, three saves you $75!

» Read a little more info about my online payments before you book in advance


Simply TEXT on the day and we’ll work with the times available.  Useful if you’re the spontaneous type.

EMAIL on the day is never a good plan, but you can always try.  It works pretty well for the day before and longer forward planning.

PHONE CALLS:  Feel free to call but I don’t often pick up as I’m often with a client.  DO NOT LEAVE VOICEMAIL! I don’t use it and no one will hear your message.  If I don’t answer right away, TEXT me.

437 371 0584

{I know, the picture.  It’s just twelve kinds of wrong, starting with that ass the size of a football field, and you’ll never eat a Cadbury’s egg with quite the same enthusiasm —but it’s my little Eostre tradition.}

I welcome your comments. I review all comments and reserve the right not to post material that is in my sole discretion offensive..

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