Relaxing, sensual bodywork: Eggs-actly what you need this weekend!

To answer your  unspoken but urgent question:

YES! I am available throughout the remaining weekend, that’s tomorrow, Sunday April 1st, and Monday, April 2nd.

{Form an orderly line, please, and no pushing.}

enhanced-buzz-4663-1364678859-3New Client?  Learn more about my bodywork practice » here.

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Anyway, it’s Easter Saturday night, and I think this is the night when the Easter Bunny rises from the dead and comes down your chimney. I saw the movie.

If nothing else, Easter Saturday is a welcome respite for the religious, who can get in a bit of serious shopping action in between venerations of the cross.  Three days in a row of piety, after all, would surely be a strain on the nerves, if not downright anti-social.

I speak of course as an Anglican, the church created by Henry VIII when the Pope wouldn’t annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.  So Anglicans are a happy lot, certain that their desires mesh nicely with those of Whoever’s in Charge, and with a good old British tendency to despise deities and mortals alike if they put on airs.  You’ll never see an Anglican mentioning “God” or  “Lord”, for example — my dear, it’s simply not in good taste!

Happy Eostre!


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