BIG changes are coming

Change is often painful.  These changes, however, will, I hope make appointments easier for both of us, allow me to offer more sessions more efficiently and offer them in a beautiful environment.  Read on:

  1.  Dedicated treatment space again.

    Many of you have read about the ups and downs of my situation here.  I won’t go into them again, except to tell you that  I’ve now been in my space SOLO for close to two months and I’m in the process of re-creating the quiet sanctuary which I once had.

    This of course includes the dedicated, separate treatment space.  Which I’m now fixing up and painting.  It needs a LOT of TLC after the things it has witnessed over the past four or five years.  Can a room get PTSD?  I’ll post some pics as the situation proceeds.  However I am still able to use the room in the meantime.  It just looks a bit like a teddy bear with one button eye missing.

  2. Online bookings and firm lead times.

    I will be changing my site to the Wix platform, which means I’ll have many more options for useful apps, including:  Online bookings!

    Just think:  You’ll be able to log in, see what times I have available and book.  Easy and simple.

    With this will come a change to my polices:  All appointments will require 24 hours’ notice – you won’t be able to book with less lead time than a day.

    I will make exceptions for this for clients who purchase my packages, who will have the option to book on the same day within four hours.

  3. All  “A la carte” clients will book and pay a deposit online.  Options will be available for those who for privacy reasons do not wish to use their credit card.

    Look for these changes within the next two to three weeks.

Look forward to seeing you soon.






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