My new space is what you’ve been wanting…

… I admit it, working around the situation of having a roommate in my home was a four-year challenge.  Most of you took it in your stride when you saw my alternative set-up and found that, although the ambience is important, what’s most important is the skill I bring to the work.

Some of you, though, couldn’t get beyond the set-up and took a pass.  That was difficult.  I know that some guys are arriving at my premises already a bit anxious about what might be their first time with male touch, and that anxiety with the non-standard set-up was just too much.  I get it, though it was frustrating at the time.  “You won’t even give me a chance?” I thought.

Now is the time for me to offer those of you who took a little leap of faith, but a leap nonetheless, a reward for that leap — and to offer those of you who weren’t able to honor the appointment some amends in the form of a more traditional looking set-up.

From today, Friday, 26 October, until midnight, Wednesday, 31st October, all clients, current or new, can enjoy a session with me in my new, enhanced, private dedicated treatment room.

And have 40% off the regular cost: pay $60 instead of $100.  I know that discount almost seems like overkill, but that’s how much I’d like you to experience the new, revitalized bodyworktoronto.

Some things haven’t changed, however.  I still don’t use a massage table and never have – my training was in shiatsu, a traditional form of touch which is given and received using a futon on the floor, with therapist and client on the same level.  The techniques I use build on that idea, in both a spiritual and physical way.  It is profoundly connected and comforting.

To book your appointment for this special “thank-you” week, text me now at 647 767 0752

What else:  November 1st is the beginning of Hot Stone Massage!  More info on that to come, but just know that if Toronto’s damp, chilly winters are hell for you, hot stones will make you very happy indeed.  Prepare to get your rocks on!

Oh yes – my phone number!  Gradually transitioning to the one above, but the other will still reach me.

Be well


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