A Truly New Year…

A serene, revamped space

My new treatment space has been in action for a few weeks, now. It’s decorated in soothing blues and greens, with big plants adding liveliness, my original art to inspire and with music adding an extra healing vibe.

I am gratified to be receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients.


John P. is long-term client who had always valued sessions to ease away the stress of high-demand work, including frequent trans-Atlantic travel. He returned a few months ago after quite a long hiatus during which I thought he’d disappeared, and began booking my three-session package.

There is always a certain amount of attrition in clientele, of course, but when he spoke to me after a recent session, I found out the real reason why he hadn’t come to see me for a while.

JOHN: “I’m so glad that I booked the package of sessions. I have a terrifically busy schedule, so it’s easy to get caught up and think, I don’t have time. Of course, once you think that way then you start to believe it.

Often I’d start the day with the intention to set up a time, but by the time I’d hit noon and was fielding work demands, I’d literally forget until I was home that evening.

I’ve found booking the packages to be really helpful with that. You have some sessions “in the bank,” in a way, and knowing that encourages me to pick up the phone and text to set the next date. Just knowing I’m pre-paid—which means I’m able to book in advance, as far ahead as I need, really— is already less stress in my life. 

The appointment in my calendar to see David reminds me that it’s not true that I don’t have time—and I respect that appointment the same way I respect an appointment with a colleague. And no question that I feel better for it.

It’s really made all the difference.

» Find out more details and about how to purchase by clicking or tapping this link.

Happy New Year! / Bonne année et bonne santé !
2 0 1 9 C. E.

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