spring is around the corner…

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

I was setting up the treatment space, tidying, putting things in order, when I heard the ping on my phone.

My client had cancelled.

He’d been feeling under the weather, his way of saying that the February doldrums were upon him and had triggered a bout of depression, which he couldn’t seem to shake.

Of course, this was no problem, he’d given me lots of notice (in my world, two hours is plenty, especially with a long-term customer.)

And it’s been a little quiet around here. I started to wonder how many of you are, maybe not clinically depressed, but weighed down by the snow, slush and gloom. I certainly find that I’ve been avoiding going out as much as possible, and when I do have to make a run to the corner store, I scurry there and back as quickly as possible. Is that like you, too?

So much of life is the attitude we bring, cliché as that sounds. One new client hadn’t managed to book an appointment yet, though he was enquiring frequently. It seemed as though he was always completely booked up at his job, unable to squeeze in time for an appointment.

Sometimes a little tough love is called for. “You know,” I texted, “It’s always possible to find time for self-care.”

Within an hour he’d got back to me and booked a morning time. A perfect way to get to work revitalized.

Who’s going to make the time for you, if you don’t? How would they cope for an hour at work if you were stuck in traffic? How would they cope for a month if you needed time off because of stress and exhaustion? I know you’re a treasure, but—you may be a little less indispensable than you think. What do you think?

You know that feeling when you’ve had a great night’s sleep and you sail through the day? Or when you return from a holiday ready to take on the world? It doesn’t take much to change your perspective.

Ten reasons to enjoy February:

  1. Celebrating Family Day with your loved ones.
  2. Valentine’s Day with your SO
  3. Wiarton Willy makes his prediction
  4. The days get noticeably longer
  5. Just enough snowy days to feel Canadian
  6. Blood oranges
  7. Shortest winter month
  8. Comet /2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) is at perihelion and visible until dawn today
  9. Lunar New Year
  10. Public skating at Evergreen Brick Works

There! No excuses. And hope to see you soon!

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