David Roddis, S.T., is a bodyworker who has been following his chosen path since 1985, when he first trained at the British School of Shiatsu in London, England. In London, he also trained in Swedish Massage at the Reade School of Massage.

David returned to his native Toronto in 1990, and for a time pursued acting, while maintaining his life-long interest in alternative and holistic health. He re-trained as a shiatsu therapist in 2005 at Kokoro Dojo, graduating in 2007.

He became interested in erotic touch during his male-oriented practise and was intensely aware of the mind-body split demonstrated by most Western massage and bodywork modalities. As a result of this split, he feels, the primary message relayed by the practice of these modalities is SHAME.

He began to incorporate erotic touch in his sessions at the request of his clients, and gradually became convinced that, given appropriate consent by the client, erotic touch and erotic exploration were not only permissible, but desirable and desired by most of the clients who had come to work with him.

David now integrates therapeutic and erotic touch, as desired by the client, and along a complete spectrum. He sees many questioning men of all ages who wish to experience male touch and eroticism in a safe, non-judgemental and positive environment.

3.  In my (and their) words:

Bodywork David

My name is David, and bodyworkToronto is my business, brand and unique service.

For over thirteen years I have been providing M4M massage in Toronto, and my worldwide roster of clients agree that my work is both superbly professional and one-of-a-kind.

I have trained extensively in shiatsu (British School of Shiatsu, Kokoro Dojo), Swedish massage (Reade School of Massage, London), and have also participated in erotic bodywork workshops run by The Body Electric school.  I have been actively practising bodywork since the 1980’s, refining my skills and creating a unique, personalized style that honors all of the body, disavows the North American culture of body- and sex-centred shame, and helps men transcend the anxiety-generating male imperatives of control and performance.

Fantastic massage, excellent care.

David is such a sweet and nice guy, I cannot recommend him enough!

– BiCurJM, Toronto

 My Bodywork Style

I am a trained professional with thirty years of experience who has successfully completed training in Swedish massage and two rigorous courses of Shiatsu training, all of which courses were specifically designed to confer professional qualifications on their graduates; as well, I have completed other for-interest courses as personal development.  However, please note that I am not an RMT. 

My set up

I do not use a massage table as do traditional massage therapists.  My main training was in Shiatsu, and although I do not any longer offer “pure” shiatsu as a feature, its techniques strongly influenced how I work.

In the Asian style, one works on the floor, using a futon for the client.  In this way, client and therapist are “on the same level”.  The physical techniques that I use rely on this type of set up, as they require full body weight from the therapist, not just arm or hand force. 

I’ve worked with a futon as described above, on a bed, on a sofa, on a yoga mat… the important point is client and therapist on the same level. 

I arrived about 15 minutes early and David was ready to go. I had originally booked 60 minutes but had extra time and was able to bump it to 90. This was the best 90 minutes I have ever spent in Toronto. Closing my eyes, it felt like he had 40 fingers – that is how good he is. I left totally relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. I will be booking another session the next time I am in the city!

– intom8ting, Toronto

If you’ve been thinking of booking a massage with me, but have been shy or unsure, I encourage you to take the leap.

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