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Terms of Service

Last updated:  01 September 2019

IMPORTANT: Your use of this website, and your use of my services, whether or not any specific service(s) are described below, is subject to your acceptance of these Terms of Service. By using this website and/or booking my services, you will be indicating your agreement to the following:

  • that you HAVE READ these Terms of Service, including  the rules of conduct and communication listed below, in their entirety;
  • that you AGREE with these Terms of Service in their entirety;
  • that you WILL ABIDE BY the rules of conduct and be bound by the conditions listed below, without exception.

If you do not wish to accept these Terms of Service, you should not use this website, and you should not book my services.   It is your sole responsibility to stay up to date on these Terms of Service and I reserve the right to change these terms at any time without notification.


My practice is a private massage / bodywork service intended for men only.

Other than offering my services exclusively to men, I do not discriminate on the basis of sexuality, age, appearance, race, disability, or any other status protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code or Canadian law.

Appropriate Services

My services are for relaxation / general well-being.  Although they may have therapeutic benefits, I am not guaranteeing that this will be the case.

I make every reasonable effort to provide appropriate services to my client according to my knowledge and experience, and in a clean, safe, secure and private environment.  

If I feel unqualified to deal with a certain situation or problem, I will inform the client immediately; and refrain from treating conditions that lie outside my area of expertise.

I do not guarantee any specific results.  Many factors come into play in a shiatsu or massage session over which I have no control, including the health condition of the client in general and at the moment of  treatment.

I am not a medical practitioner.  My services are offered for interest and enjoyment only and my intent is to provide clients with a service that may improve your overall relaxation and also may enhance your well-being. No marketing copy or other content on this site, nor any statement made by me during conversation with you, should be understood as offering cures or medical treatments for any specific condition, or as guaranteeing any specific result.

Privacy and confidentiality

I will protect the privacy of your identity, your information, and your person.  I will as a matter of policy keep all client information confidential and secure, meaning:

My cellphone and computer on which I store and/or use any such information are accessible only to me and are protected with strong passwords; I will not verbally or in writing share such personal information with ANY third party.

Use of cell phones / email addresses: Your communication with me on a cell phone or via email will indicate, unless you explicitly state otherwise, that I may freely communicate with you using that cell phone number and/or email for the purposes of arranging your session and following up. If you must not be contacted, it is your sole duty to inform me of this.

Privacy of the session space: All sessions are by appointment only, and my premises are private.  “Private premises” means that:  no one can enter my premises without my knowledge and unless they have been invited here by me at a specific time.  My premises are not publicly accessible.

What I guarantee in terms of session privacy: I guarantee that the session space will either be in a self-contained room behind closed doors OR another space in my premises that I in my sole discretion deem private. I also guarantee that no one except the client and myself will enter the treatment space during the session.

By attending a session, you indicate your agreement with this specific and limited definition of the private session space which I will provide.

What I guarantee in terms of the session location:

From time to time, I make changes to the treatment space, for example by decorating and painting, and during those times I may relocate the treatment space to a different area of my premises. 

Please note: The video that is available for you to view by following the link on this site was created several years ago and it reflects the decor and ambience of my studio at that time.  I am not representing that this is the exact layout, decor or ambience of my current treatment space.

Regardless of the reasons, by booking an appointment, you are booking my services, not a specific set up or location.

Special offers:  a.k.a. “Deals”

Read the offer carefully to understand who it is targeted to. I am not obligated to, and will not honor offers that contain typos or errors, or ones that have clearly expired.

Fees, payments, appointments and cancellations


Fees are non-refundable.
I do not refund fees or deposits paid, however, if you cancel with enough notice I will always reschedule any appointments you are entitled to, and any that I have cancelled.

“No-fault” cancellation policy: This policy is offered as as goodwill value-add and incentive for my prepaid clients.

  1. It has no monetary value,
  2. It does not represent any portion of the fees paid for packages, and
  3. I reserve the right to charge for cancellations depending on the circumstances.

Please inform me that you can’t make it to your appointment with as much notice as possible.

 NO-SHOWs: If you “no-show” (do not attend and do not notify me at all) you will be liable for the cost of the session.

If I miss or cancel the appointment: I will always offer a reschedule and of course there is no penalty. 

NO-SHOWs: At my sole discretion, I may count you as a no-show any time from the start of your appointment time to 15 minutes past your appointment time, depending on the situation. 

Fees are non-negotiable

My prices reflect my own assessment of the value of my services,  and my assessment has been been validated many times over by a full roster of clients who willingly pay these fees. Therefore, on principle, and in fairness to my existing clients, I do not negotiate my fees.

Fees for outcalls / out of town bookings

I do not normally require pre-payment for outcalls within Toronto; however, please read the above cancellation policy, which applies.

Out of town client: I will always require pre-payment for out of town customers, as well as travel fees (which we will discuss when setting up your time.


All sessions, whether or not you are on time for the appointment, will finish on time using the full timeframe offered, which is 90 minutes. 

Example:  You are booked for a regular session at 2PM.  You arrive at 2:30. Your session will finish no later than 3:30.


Evenings, Weekends, Holidays:  

How to book

If you would like an appointment for any time after 6 PM, send me your appointment request BY 5 PM.   

If booking for a holiday or weekend in the day:  

If you can, check on my availability in my calendar.  Even better, text, call or send email in advance (the previous evening or early in the day for text/calls; a day or two in advance for email).

Requests for information:

Before you call and say “describe your service”, or ask detailed questions about what you will or will not experience, have a look at this website, including the blog posts, and my video in particular.  Then, if there’s any info missing, I’ll be glad to fill you in.  

You are also welcome to email me at david@bodyworktoronto.ca, but, again, please do a survey of this site first.

There is nothing comparable to actually coming for an appointment.  I can’t predict if you will enjoy the session or not.  That depends on many factors.  

Any new experience requires a little risk and a leap of faith.  I hope that the information presented here, and the fact that I have maintained this service for many years, and with many returning clients, will reassure you about my integrity, skills, and professional mindset. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Last updated:  01 September 2019

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