Sunday special / let’s do win/win!

OK campers, you know about my phone emergency.  (If you don’t, my phone was stolen this past Wednesday and it was not a great moment – my only means of internet connection right now.)

So not to be subtle about it – I’m going to offer $60 sessions for tomorrow Sunday 18 and Monday 19.  Three sessions available each day at that rate.

You’ll get a great price and you’ll help me get back online again.

I’ll check again at 10 am or earlier tomorrow to see any responses and set up our times.

Thanks, guys!





A Funny Valentine…

Dear Clients:  Yesterday, Weds 14th, my phone was stolen.

This means a couple of things:

  1.  I need your bookings more than ever, to sort this out – my phone was my only Internet connection at the moment; and
  2. It will be slow to contact me.  Please allow ONE FULL DAY at least for a response.  I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

This was a blow, as I had just set up my new service with Freedom and was finally back online.

I now have NO Internet and am relying on friends’ hot spots and their kindness in accommodating me.

Please be in touch, book some time, and just be a little patient with my response times.  Realistically, one full day is the response time, but I hope to sort this out soon, so keep trying.

And yes, I know who did it.

Thanks for your support.


$60 Snowy Sunday

Hello, chaps,

I’m offering sessions today, Sunday 4th Feb – three to be exact – for $60 for one hour, just to encourage you to see me in the blizzardy conditions.

Are we Canadian or what?

Little bit of Internet connection problems happening, so I’ll check for your enquiries before 12 noon tomorrow – you can have any start time from 2 pm onward.

text:  437 371 0584   – definitely preferred  – if you need to email, do so as early as you can.

(WordPress doesn’t let me link email – just copy and paste my address into your e-mail client)

New client offer: today only

On the fence?  Have you been lurking, trying to decide about making an appointment?

If you’re a new client, come for a session today, 31st Jan, and get a 10% discount.

If you like what you experience, pay for some sessions in advance and lock in the savings:

Two sessions pre-paid for $160 (save $40)

Three sessions pre-paid for $180 (save $120)

Only today, January 31st.  Text me at 437 371 0584

New clients only.

My alter ego has been busy, and the results may make you laugh. (That’s a good thing.)

Did you know I’m a writer?  I’m launching a book in Spring of this year, but before then – practically tomorrow – I’m launching the very same book in EPUB format, perfect for your Kindle or other e-reading device.  There will also be a PDF version for those of you who don’t have e-readers.

The book is based on my blog of four years and the title is: “A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good For You (And Other Observations):  A Pillow Book for Dyspeptics”.

It’s mostly humorous, sometimes quite off-the-wall and eccentric observations on life, politics, sex and anything else that tickles my fancy.  I suppose you could say it has a gay twist to it, as I see the world through my eyes, and if you haven’t noticed – my eyes are as gay as Liberace’s goose.  There’s bound to be something in it to delight and offend even the most picky reader.

Pre-purchase now for $10, and you’ll get

  • the e-book delivered on February 1st,
  • your name in the acknowledgements,
  • a 30% discount, valid until end of this year, for any merch on my site, and
  • a specially personalized copy of the paperback at special pricing when that launches later this year.


Be one of the people who catapults me into my 15 minutes – or years – of fame.

Find out more here: (opens in a new window): Yes, tell me more!


Hey, cancellations for me means opportunity for YOU

Did you know I sometimes offer discount rates to fill in times that people have cancelled?

Well, now you know.  Follow my site to stay informed and you’ll receive an email whenever I post something.

I have a 6 PM spot open today – TEXT ME at 437 371 0584 as soon as you can to pick up this spot and book for only – $80.  That’s CHEAPER than my package deal of two per individual session.

This deal is ONLY for today and for that time. (OK, if you need to make it a little earlier I won’t complain, but after 6 is not possible).

TEXT ONLY  – no emails, please.


See you soon!


Freaky Friday!

There’s no particular reason why today is “freaky” in the world of male massage.  I just wanted to get your attention.

Didn’t you have a New Year’s resolution, something about

  • taking care of yourself better
  • slowing down the pace a bit
  • taking time off for yourself that is absolutely sacred
  • relaxing
  • being more body-aware
  • rewarding yourself
  • working out (with resulting aching muscles)



At $100 for a generous hour to ninety minutes of my unique, thirty years in the making synthesis of Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, and erotic bodywork (tailored to you specifically in the moment) you can also keep your resolutions about saving money and getting value when you see me as a client.

Get even more value by booking your session in advance:  At least 24 hours ahead gets you $90 for your session, with pre-payment.

I have good availability today, Friday and throughout the weekend.  Shoot me a text and we’ll set you up.

437 371 0584

Packages pricing has changed:

My pricing for the packages is slightly increased, but still is a great deal.

Book two appointments:  $180 (Save $20)

Book three appointments: $225 (Save $75)

The book ahead single session for $90 is discontinued. 




Get your rocks on: Jan 15 – 19

This week I have good availability for same-day calls, just give me as much notice as you can – and please don’t use email if you can avoid it.

Text me at :  437 371 0584

and we’ll set you up.

Don’t forget, I offer Hot Stone Massage during the winter months!  If the cold seeps into your bones, you can banish it with my hot stones add-on for just $30 per session.

See you soon!




Hey guys, the answer to your question is, YES.  I’m available today for relaxing bodywork, including hot stone massage.

I have three spots available for $80  a session (60 to 90 minutes flat rate) to help start the New Year right.  These are for NEW CLIENTS only!  Text me NOW to book these times:  11 AM, 1PM and 3PM.   ADD hot stones to your session for $20 extra.  (But I will never say:  “Supersize that?” )


TEXT TO:  437 371 0584 BEFORE 2 PM

A Holiday Season Gift for You!

Dear customers new and returning:

Doesn’t it seem like the holidays, supposedly filled with joy and goodwill, are actually a time of increased stress and anxiety?

What presents to buy, who to buy them for, am I overspending…?
Will we celebrate at home, who to invite, what to serve; or at someone else’s, and how do we turn down the two out of three invites that we can’t make?
So much extra traffic, crowded malls, so much noise and confusion, so many expectations…


You definitely need some private, personal “you time” so you can take a deep breath, relax, release your tension and get back to the tasks at hand with a new perspective and feeling refreshed.

And affordably.

That’s why I’m making my Hot Stone Massage add-on ABSOLUTELY FREE for the next two weeks – until December 31st, 2017.

For your bodywork session with added hot stone massage, you’ll benefit from a private space that I’ve arranged just for you, with no interruptions; a place you can escape to that’s still right downtown.

Best of all, in addition to enjoying my unique style of bodywork you’ll get, for the next two weeks, the luxurious, deliciously warming experience of a complimentary hot stone massage.

Heated basalt stones are used by placing them on key points of the body (passive placement) so that their heat penetrates deep; and also to massage your aching muscles where appropriate (active use).   You’ll finish your 60 – 90-minute session feeling relaxed, pampered and warm to the core.

The cost:  FREE until December 31st.

You’ll pay exactly the same fee as for bodywork alone: $100 at the session; $90 if you pre-pay at least 24 hours in advance.

To claim your complimentary Hot Stone Massage add-on, text me at 437 371 0584 and mention this offer.

If you need to email instead, please allow extra lead time for your request:

(Copy and paste the above email address to use – to cut down on spam, I haven’t linked it.)

See you soon!