BIG changes are coming

Change is often painful.  These changes, however, will, I hope make appointments easier for both of us, allow me to offer more sessions more efficiently and offer them in a beautiful environment.  Read on:  Dedicated treatment space again. Many of you have read about the ups and downs of my situation here.  I won't go … Continue reading BIG changes are coming


My renewed session space is what you’ve longed for.

During the past crazy four to five years I've had roommates of varying degrees of terrible to unbelievably terrible.  That all finished on the first day of September, as the last sorry specimen removed itself from my premises and something inside me heaved a sigh of relief, and maybe even a sob. This is by … Continue reading My renewed session space is what you’ve longed for.

New, “pukka” separate session space

Pukka, (adj.) ('puck-uh); upper-class (Imperialist) Colonial British, from the days of the Raj:  in good condition, as it should be, proper. OK guys, the moment you've anticipated has come to pass. My newly revamped (a.k.a. returned to previous serenity) session space is just about open for [your] business. It's been a few years coming. My heartfelt thanks to … Continue reading New, “pukka” separate session space

End of month special $90 sessions for all clients

Hey men, it's end of month and once again I've twisted my own arm to offer an encouraging discount to both new and returning clients. Until 9:30 pm today, August 1st (that's the finish time, so the last appointment starting at 7:30) please enjoy a full appointment for a 10% discount:  $90 instead of $100. … Continue reading End of month special $90 sessions for all clients

More than just a once-pretty face.

I hope you're all enjoying the fine spring weather, April showers, budding daffodils, the first rays of warm sunshine after winter, and above all, I hope you have effectively hurricane-proofed your home and stocked up on canned foods and tea lights.  Jeezus Murphy! I'm available 7 days a week just about any time you'd like … Continue reading More than just a once-pretty face.