The short version:

  1.  Read the relevant areas of my site (including my location (top of every page) and fees. This saves us both time.
  2. Text me at 647 767 0752.
  3. Allow as much lead time as possible to help me accommodate you.
  4. State your preferred time.
  5. Remember that I may not be able to respond immediately if I’m with a client.  
  6. You are welcome to call on the same day. In this case, definitely give some reasonable notice if you can.
  7. Go ahead and contact me even if you can’t follow the guidelines for timing. Sometimes this will work. I always welcome your contact and will always do my best to accommodate you.

The TL;DR version:

Contacting me is easy –

or it should be.  I encourage you to read through all the information on this page. I hope it will  give you an idea of what is going on if, for example, I don’t answer the phone; or why every time you text me, you find out that I have no spaces available for you; or why it took me two hours to get back to you.

Please believe me:  I WANT to see you! and I never want to say “no” to a client request for an appointment.  So if that’s happening, the reason is probably somewhere on this page.

The basics on how to contact me:


I also welcome phone calls; however please note the following request, which may surprise you:


I don’t check them anymore, finding them tedious and time-consuming.  You are welcome to call, but – please don’t leave a message, because no one will hear it.  If I don’t pick up, text me instead. 

Same-day appointments:

Text to:

647 767 0752

  Please state your name and your preferred time:

“Hi David, this is John.  I got your number from your website / ad / Twitter feed.  Do you have any times available today, around 3 or 4 pm?”

Please DO NOT text me thirty minutes before your preferred time and say:

“Do you have any available times today?”, to which I reply, “Sure, how about 3pm?”, and to which you then respond, “Oh, sorry.  I was hoping for 30 minutes from now. I’ll be in touch!”

I won’t be put out that you want a session in thirty minutes.  Honestly.  I want you to be a client! I may not be able to accommodate you, but I’m always glad you’ve made contact.  So don’t be shy!  Ask for your preferred time and let’s see what happens.

Enquiries and advance bookings (at least 24 hours in advance, up to a month) :

Text to:

647 767 0752



If you cannot send text from your phone and must use email for same-day, please email me at least four hours in advance. I *may* see your message in time.

All appointments booked in advance (not on the day) must be reserved with a 50% deposit.  Otherwise, I welcome your enquiry:  please contact me again on the day you wish to attend and we will work with what is available.

Evening appointments:   (from 6 PM on)

Evening appointments must be booked by 5 PM at the latest.  Please plan accordingly. 

A word on response times:

You will note that I offer appointments of one hour or 90 minutes in length.  Therefore, you will also have worked out that, when you contact me, I might be in a session with someone, and that it might take me up to 90 minutes or more to return your text.

I’m not ignoring you!  Really, I’m not.  I value your communication, but I don’t interrupt my sessions to text, check email, or pick up the phone (in case that doesn’t go without saying).

You will also note that I ask you to use email ONLY for advance bookings or when you have questions.  I check email regularly, but not frequently – usually once a day, in the morning.

What is the WORST way to contact me?  Send an email, on the day, an hour before you’d like to see me.  Fails (almost – see below) every time.

What’s the best time to contact me?  How far ahead should you text /  email / call?

This information applies to anyone who would like a same day appointment.

I’ve tried for many years to come up with a best-case-scenario.  The fact is, nothing works all the time, and most things have worked at least once.   I’ve had requests for “15 minutes from now” and I’ve been able to accommodate them; I’ve had appointments set two weeks in advance that we’ve had to rearrange.

Speaking very generally, you will probably have more success if you:

  • give about 2 to 4 hours’ notice on the day;  AND/OR
  • contact me the night before to ask about availability
  • if at all possible, are flexible in your choice of time
  • tell me right at the start if you have a particular time in mind.

And, after having said all of the above – and I mean this quite sincerely – please feel free to be in touch anytime.

I recognize that life is unpredictable and I would rather alleviate your stress than add to it!  Go ahead and text 20 minutes ahead of your desired time slot – it may work, it may not, but at least we’ll have established contact.

And that’s a good start.

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