In addition to the contact form immediately below, this page contains detailed information about how best to contact me, including timing, advance booking, and evening/holiday appointments. This information follows after the contact form, so it’s a good idea to read this page in full.

Contact me via this form (you may also text or email, see below.)


I accept TEXT MESSAGES (SMS), EMAIL or the contact form above.

You may call me as well, but please note:

Absolutely NO voicemail messages. I don’t use voicemail. If you leave a message, no one will hear it. If you call and I don’t pick up, text instead or use the form.


1. On the same day as you would like the appointment:

Text to: 647 767 0752

  Please state your name and your preferred time: Example:

“Hi David, this is John.  I got your number from your website / ad / Twitter feed.  Do you have any times available today, around x am/ pm?”

2. In advance (from 24 hours to one month):

Text to: 647 767 0752 OR

Advance bookings:

I will guarantee your time with payment of a 50% deposit. Without the deposit, your time is not guaranteed and we will confirm on the day, working with whatever times are available.

If you have a tight schedule and must have a particular time, advance booking with a deposit is the way to go. If your schedule is flexible and you can come at just about any time, you can book on the day.

Evening appointments:  (from 6 PM on)

Evening appointments must be booked by 5 PM at the latest.  Please plan accordingly. 

I rarely take texts/check emails after 5 pm. More commonly, I will answer your request received after 5pm the next morning.

I hope this page has helped you understand how best to contact me.

A final note: My appointments are up to 90 minutes long. Therefore, it is possible that it might take me 90 or so minutes to respond to your text.

Please be patient, and know that I value your enquiry.

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