BWLOGOI’ve been in the same location for 11 years.  All clients know my address.  All clients know that I’m honest,  transparent and reliable.

So I am sometimes mystified why more clients don’t take advantage of my package deals. The commitment is minimal, and the advantages are obvious.

Maybe you’ll be canny enough to do so – ?

The benefits of a package deal extend both ways:

  • YOU get a locked-in price that is almost too good to believe, and the only time restrictions are the ones we agree upon – they’re tailor-made for your schedule and I’m flexible about readjusting them.
  • I get the benefit of a regular clientele coming at reasonably predictable times, for which I gladly lower my rates – considerably.

I currently offer the following packages:

Book two appointments:  Save $20
Timeframe:  Take your appointments within two calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.

EXAMPLE:  Book two appointments (regular 100) and pay only 2 x 90 = $180

Book three appointments:  Save $75

Timeframe:  Take your appointments within three calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.

EXAMPLE:  Book three appointments (regular 100) and pay only 3 x 75 = $225

So, if saving up to $75 sounds good to you, speak to me after your first appointment. After all, you know where I live…


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