BWLOGOAre you still paying full price for my massage services?  Silly  boy!  

AT A GLANCE:  save up to $75 on appointments you would have had anyway, by red-carpeting past the à la carte pricing.  Sound good?  Read on:

  • Get a reduced price that is almost too good to believe, and the only time restrictions are the ones we agree upon—they’re tailor-made for your schedule and I’m flexible about readjusting them.
  • Benefit from “no-fault” cancellations and reschedules.
  • Once my online booking service is in place you will have the privilege of booking up to four hours before you wish to attend, and of course, as well be able to book up to a month in advance—all with guaranteed, yet flexible, times.
  • Regardless of any fee increase I make to regular prices, you will keep the same discount and the same price listed below as long as you continue with your package commitment.

I currently offer the following packages:

Book two appointments:  Save $20
Timeframe:  Take your appointments within the timeframe we agree upon.  (Usually two to four calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.)

EXAMPLE:  Book two appointments (regular 100) and pay only 2 x 90 = $180

Book three appointments:  Save $75

Timeframe:   Take your appointments within the timeframe we agree upon.  (Usually two to six calendar months.  We can adjust within reason.)

EXAMPLE:  Book three appointments (regular 100) and pay only 3 x 75 = $225

Unsure about committing to a package deal before experiencing a session?

I completely understand why you might want to reassure yourself that you and my services are a good fit.

Book an appointment and indicate that you are interested in a package purchase. Have your session, be duly thrilled and purchase the package at that time.

I will count the session you’ve just had as number one of your package purchase.  If you decide not to go ahead with a package at that time,  just pay the regular price for the one session.

So, if saving up to $75 sounds good to you, speak to me after your first appointment or text me at 437 371 0584.


» Use this link to proceed to my online shop where you can pay for one, two or three  sessions.

The link above will take you to my site, which is where I sell merchandise related to my writing blog.  I’m doing it this way because WordPress would require an expensive upgrade to this blog for me to use e-commerce here.

So don’t be alarmed when you see:, or Florian Photo Art or David Roddis all being used to describe the site you’re on or the business you’re dealing with  — it’s all me and you haven’t been misdirected.

In fact this new link gives you many more options for payment, all through reputable credit card processors using best practices for the security of your data.  You can create an account for future transactions or choose not to.  You will also have the option of using Interac e-transfer if you have a Canadian bank: full instructions are provided.

My online store is powered by Shopify (a great Canadian company), using Stripe as third party processor; and Paypal is another option — no Paypal account needed, just use a credit card as you usually do.  If you DO have a Paypal account, you can use your Paypal funds.

Finally — use Google Pay? You can now use it when purchasing from my store.