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Welcome to my bodywork practice!  Some of you will have contacted me right away, some of you may have contemplated contacting me for a few months—whatever your circumstances, I’m very happy you’ve taken the first step.

Here is my information at a glance.


  1.  TEXT on the day you want your appointment, between 8 AM and 5PM: 647 767 0752.  State your NAME, and tell me what TIME you would like.
  2. Please remember: I may be with a client, so it might take me up to 90 minutes to get back to you.  I am not ignoring you!  I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm your time.
  3. FEES are $100 flat rate for one hour up to 90 minutes.  If you are responding to a special offer, tell me when you book.
  4. Texts received after 5 PM will be answered THE NEXT DAY.

    I do offer evening and late appointments but you must contact me BEFORE 5PM to book those times.

  5. You may use email to contact me, but give MORE RESPONSE TIME.  My preferred contact for same day is via TEXT.  My email is:

For information about me and my experience, as well as my unique style, use the link in the main navigation, above, “About David”.

At a glance: 

I am a trained, professional bodyworker for over 30 years, with my main training being in the Japanese style called Shiatsu.  I hold a Shiatsu Therapist qualification from Kokoro Dojo, a Toronto school.

I also have trained and qualified in Swedish massage and Thai massage; I have attended workshops held by the Body Electric School, which are general interest workshops and not for accreditation.  Please note that I am NOT an RMT.

I do not currently practise a strict form of shiatsu or any type of bodywork; my style is unique and a synthesis of my training and experience.

I offer a mix of therapeutic bodywork and erotic bodywork which is tailored intuitively for each client at the session.  You are in control of the session:  you can opt for therapeutic bodywork, erotic bodywork, or any combination.  We discuss your boundaries at the outset and I respect them.

I do not use a massage table; I use a futon on the floor which is the traditional style of my training in shiatsu.  You will find that the set up is both comfortable and intimate, with both of us being equals rather than the “Worker” and the “Worked-upon”.

For my contact and location information, please see the right hand side of this page, where you will find a map and specific information.

At a glance:

I work from my home studio which is normally totally separate from my living space. I offer you complete privacy and comfort.  I maintain the space to a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.  I guard my clients’ personal information, such as phone numbers and emails, and you may be assured of my absolute discretion.

I do not book clients back-to-back, so you will enter my space and leave my space without crossing paths with other clients.

When am I available?

Seven days a week, from 8 AM to 10 PM  (start times).

Appointments are available after 10 PM, and cost $20 extra in consideration of the late hour.

How to book

The following information is just a guideline, and is not meant to discourage you from contacting me at other times. Honestly, there is no one way that always works, and everything has worked at least once!  I’ve seen people on 10 minutes’ notice, and I’ve booked people in 3 months in advance who then have had to change their time. It’s all good.

Please note, however:  As I offer sessions up to 90 minutes in length, it follows that, if you text me, it’s possible that it may be 90 minutes before I see your text and am able to reply.  Also, if you contact me after 5pm, it is possible that I will not be seeing your message until the next morning. 

Please be patient with your enquiry:  I’m never ignoring you and I value your contact.

So here are my suggested ways to contact me, which are pretty certain of success:

Text on the day:  Please try to contact me about four hours before you’d like to come.  You may contact me with less notice or even very short notice; however, the more notice you give, the more likely you will be to reach me.

Evenings: (appointments starting from 7PM)

Please contact me during the day, and before 5PM at the latest if you are booking for the evening.  I rarely answer requests after that time.

Phoning:  I have virtually given up phone calls and I have definitely given up voicemail.  Please text if possible.

Email:  Email is fine, but it rarely works on the same day.  Try to email the day before or even earlier if you can’t text.  Again, you are welcome to try, I might see your email in time.

In advance:  You may contact me up to three months ahead of your desired time; however, please note that advance bookings require pre-payment of 50% of the fee as a non-refundable deposit.  Of course, if you pay a deposit, your time is guaranteed.  See the Fees section, below.


In calls:  (you come to me)

I charge a flat fee of $100 for a 60 – 90 minute session.  The sessions are usually closer to 90 minutes.

You may pay cash, or via e-transfer if you have a Canadian bank account; or you may use Paypal, a trusted partner.  You do not need a Paypal account, you can use a credit or debit card.

If you book using a credit card, your information is never seen by me, it is processed by PayPal, Stripe or other trusted and reputable third party processors.

Please also note that, as Paypal deducts fees from your payment, I usually can’t honor special price reduction offers when you pay this way.

Outcalls: (I travel to your home or hotel)

Within the downtown core:

$140 minimum flat fee; I may adjust this according to the time of day, distance, and other factors.  Ask me for a quote.

Outside downtown; including Airport hotels and out of town:

$200 minimum flat fee, I may adjust this according to the time of day, distance, and other factors.  Ask me for a quote.

If this is all the info you need, go ahead – text me:

647 767 0752

or email, bearing in mind the timing :

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


P.S. :  Please read through my Terms of Service, which apply to everyone using this site and booking appointments with me.