Special pricing until February 28th

  Come one, come all, if you'll pardon the expression, for an expert, professional massage and celebrate the end of winter. Well. As far as I'm concerned that's now.  Being the sort of kid who nagged about opening Christmas presents so relentlessly that I finally got my family to change the tradition so we dealt … Continue reading Special pricing until February 28th


Sunday special / let’s do win/win!

OK campers, you know about my phone emergency.  (If you don't, my phone was stolen this past Wednesday and it was not a great moment - my only means of internet connection right now.) So not to be subtle about it - I'm going to offer $60 sessions for tomorrow Sunday 18 and Monday 19.  … Continue reading Sunday special / let’s do win/win!

My alter ego has been busy, and the results may make you laugh. (That’s a good thing.)

Did you know I'm a writer?  I'm launching a book in Spring of this year, but before then - practically tomorrow - I'm launching the very same book in EPUB format, perfect for your Kindle or other e-reading device.  There will also be a PDF version for those of you who don't have e-readers. The … Continue reading My alter ego has been busy, and the results may make you laugh. (That’s a good thing.)

Freaky Friday!

There's no particular reason why today is "freaky" in the world of male massage.  I just wanted to get your attention. Didn't you have a New Year's resolution, something about taking care of yourself better slowing down the pace a bit taking time off for yourself that is absolutely sacred relaxing being more body-aware rewarding … Continue reading Freaky Friday!